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The store however faces two issues. The first is that the city is over the limit of 50,000 square feet permitted by the city for formula retail, and that the 2,000-square-foot store would need special approval by the council. The second is that some members of the committee, especially Holly Smith, questioned if allowing such a store would set the wrong precedent. "If we have a coffee shop in the island and Starbucks wants to come in, does this allowance lead to other allowances, which might not be in the spirit of the original formula," Smith asked. Chairman Phillip Marks said coffee shops are a different animal and added that the 50,000-square-foot rule doesn't preclude another formula retail store, but rather adds another layer of approval. Still, Marks added they do not want Sanibel and that particular shopping center, which is the biggest on the island, to turn into a mall. "They get a lot of foot traffic there and it has the most stores with stable tenants. We want that unique flavor with services that we feel are Sanibel, not just another mall," Marks said, adding that setting a limit of formula retail has boxed the city into a corner. "The is a slippery slope created by the city council.

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