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Photos courtesy of Mercer Vine. In an interview with Life magazine, Marilyn Monroe said, Anybody who likes my house, I am sure I will get along with." It's easy to picture the glamorous actress living a fully relaxed life in this California home, which is secluded and modest with a laid-back feel. As reported in the November 2008 issue of Architectural Digest , Monroe purchased the home, her first, for $77,500, paying half in cash and taking out a mortgage for the rest after divorcing Arthur Miller. Now the same property is on the market for $6.9 million. The 2,624-square-foot Spanish-style hacienda retains many of the design elements selected by Monroe. She furnished the four-bedroom, three-bath residence with findings from Tijuana and Mexico City, including tiles for the kitchen, tin masks and mirrors for the walls, and ป่าสนวัดจันทร์ หน้าร้อน textiles depicting Aztec figures. Outside, there is a charming yard, pool, citrus grove, and guest house. The tranquil retreat is also a key piece of Hollywood history: Though this is not only the home where Monroe lived, it is where her life ended six months after she moved in. This story originally appeared on Architectural Digest . More from Architectural Digest:

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"If they are 18 and they want to make those choices and do that kind of thing, that's fine. But being a child actor, I just know too much of the downside of what that can be like." He added: "I had some great rewards, and I probably wouldn't have made it as an adult had I not built up that body of work as a kid, so it's a strange thing. My kids would be good in the school play. If they can handle that, they're in good shape." As for how he's survived so long in the movie industry, Affleck credited his "thick skin." "You know you have to have a certain thickness of skin in this business because success and failure, as a performer, are really two sides of the same coin," he said. "You're putting yourself out there and being evaluated, and it doesn't go one way, all the way, every time." Affleck appeared upbeat at the event, and a source previously told PEOPLE that both he and Garner seemed "happy" about spending Easter Sunday together as a family recently. Despite their split, the couple continue to live together in the L.A. area - Affleck has been living in a guest house on the couple's property. "They are figuring out what to do about their future living arrangements," a source previously said. "For now, they are all living together.

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