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A scientist at the Francis Crick Institute one of the UK Mr Clark said the UK's decision to leave the EU meant the strategy was "even more important" and he said political commitments to limit immigration would not hamper the development of research related industries. He said the government would "make it easier for more scientists to come and work in the UK". Analysis: Simon Jack, BBC business editor Here's the idiot's guide to how it's supposed to work. Pick an industry that the UK is already good at and needs investment. Chuck in a bit of government money, cluster the right institutions around it, commit to provide the skills base and give them somewhere to try their new stuff. That could mean faster trials for drugs in the NHS or using public roads to test driverless cars. Some will see this as another example of government's dodgy track record in "picking winners" - the government insists it is backing excellence. Of course, all of these new initiatives are being born under the star sign of Brexit which makes them children of uncertainty. Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, welcomed the industrial strategy, saying it showed the government "has its eye firmly on the horizon, not just the next few yards". But she added: "Today's announcement must be the beginning of a strategic race, not a tactical sprint.


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