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Worlds scariest ski runs But my husband does love skiing and so do our children, now aged nine and 10. So every year I grit my teeth and endure the family trip. I have calculated that three days is the maximum I can cope with and the minimum thats meaningful for them. So now the challenge is to find somewhere that offers good sport for children and competent adults, while allowing me to creep down a few token runs before sloping off to enjoy myself in another way. Joe and his sister, Olivia, on the terrace at the Hospiz Alm restaurant - Credit: Nicolas Hafele More Ski resorts in which Ive stayed have never been that good at offering alternatives for people too feeble to take part in the main event. Ive ridden horses in some, but that turned out to be a cold plod around the bottom of a valley in the gathering dusk. Ive shopped in others an expensive habit. Ive skated; tobogganed; yomped; played tennis; picnicked. Ive had massages and beauty treatments, which can be good at the end of a day thrashing around a mountain but dont quite fill the empty hours. A pianist played Debussy and Schumann to a pre-dinner crowd that took the gear change between black runs and chromatic scales in its stride Arlberg1800 in St Christoph, Austria is, in my experience, a unique proposition. It doesnt rely on the mountains (or on ชุดว่ายน้ํา ig huge quantities of Jagerbombs, an unholy combination of Jagermeister and Red Bull) to provide the fun.

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