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Father John Misty: Pure Comedy review a despairing paean to all that is wrong The Guardian 09/04/2017 Kitty Empire You could describe Father John Misty as a satirical maverick; you get the feeling he would like you to. In 2012, Josh Tillman, the former Fleet Foxes drummer, released Fear Fun , a gonzoid set of songs about a druggy Californian breakdown, the first under his pseudonym. In 2015 he followed it with I Love You, Honeybear . The funny, filthy, orchestral tale of how a messed-up male cynic found love in a corrupted world, it instantly surpassed his previous work. But Mistys other output snarky radio face-offs , confessional interviews has compounded the distracting impression of a singer-songwriter who delights in being an irritant . I Love You, Honeybears successor seeks to expand on its ambitious musical and thematic flights. Pure Comedy is a would-be Great American Novel, a clever, despairing paean to everything that is wrong: absurdity, religion, the entertainment-isation of everything. The first stumbling block to its greatness comes in the albums 70-minute length; the second in its DDoS attack of string-laden piano ballads, most in hock to 70s Elton John. Its as though Misty has taken Honeybears least appealing song the self-important, canned-applause satire Bored in the USA and written an album around it, rather than the good tracks about shagging someone you love. When A Bigger Paper Bag recalls Elliott Smith , it comes assuccour. Pure Comedy video.

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Among the treasures are traditional Persian carpets, crystal geodes discovered in South America, African furniture, and ikats and cotton throws and bedding from the Indonesian Archipelago. The Moon and Copper houses, the newest structures on the compound, were conceived by Hardy and his daughter Elora, the creative director of Ibuku , a local architecture and design firm known for conjuring lavish structures entirely from bamboo. The Moon House resembles a soaring crescent-shaped basket, its otherworldy form typical of the companys creativity and technical prowess. The Copper House echoes this curvilinear silhouette with a bamboo roof wrapped in tin copper. Of the new houses, John explains: "We looked at the view and it was sublime. But how do you build without blocking the view? So we left them open and built a netted sleeping arrangement so there would be the possibility of privacy and safety. I like to call one of them the Love Nest, and the other is called the Moon House because theres a beautiful copper bathtub in the garden for moonlight bathing. Stephen Kent Johnson Stephen Kent Johnson Just getting to the new houses, accessed through a steep series of stone stairways or via the hotels bamboo-covered two-person mining elevator carved into the cliffside, feels like an adventure. The hotel offers a connection to nature and a sense of wonder and possibility, says Elora of the hotels quixotic character.

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Most of the dead were evacuees but they also included several rebels who had been guarding the buses, the Observatory says. Convoys on both sides had been held up overnight, but by Saturday evening 15 coaches from the government towns had arrived ชุดเครื่องนอน 3 ฟุต at their destination in Ramouseh while between 25 and 30 carrying evacuees from the rebel towns had reached Rashidin. Rebels had accused the government of breaching the terms of the deal, accusing it of trying to bring out more loyalist fighters than agreed, along with civilians. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Government evacuees had been waiting under rebel guard when the bomb went off Where does this leave the rebel evacuees? According to a 24Aleppo tweet , a special unit of the Russian army surrounded the convoy from the rebel-held towns after the bombing and closed the road there to "prevent any reaction". Image copyright AFP Image caption The rebel evacuees arrived near Aleppo on Friday Evacuees from Madaya heard the blast from a bus garage where they had been waiting in Ramouseh, just a few miles away, Reuters news agency reports. They called on international organisations to protect them from any possible retaliation, saying they condemned the attack on the other convoy. Madaya resident Ahmed, 24, told Reuters earlier that evacuees had been waiting without drinking water or food at a since Friday night. The Madaya and Zabadani evacuees are going to rebel-held territory in Idlib province. Why are the evacuations needed?

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