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Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation Jose Garcia-Margallo (L) and Spanish Deputy Prime Minister and Spokeswoman Soraya Saenz de Santamaria (C) applaud to Mariano Rajoy (R) after being re-elected. The endorsement came after Mr Rajoy's Popular Party (PP) gained the backing of the Ciudadanos ("Citizens") party and tacit support from the Socialists. Socialist lawmakers are said to have been among the 68 abstentions. The country had faced the prospect of a third general election inside a year. But the Socialists forced out their leader, Pedro Sanchez, earlier this month after he rejected abstention. Mr Rajoy has led a caretaker administration since losing his overall majority in an election last December. A repeat election in June failed to end the impasse but strengthened his hand. The Socialists (commonly known by their Spanish abbreviation, the PSOE) came second on both occasions, their support eroded by radical leftist newcomers Podemos. For decades, the PSOE and PP took turns in governing the country on their own but last year the popular vote split four ways - the new centrist Ciudadanos party came fourth.

Both measures called for allowing patients with certain medical conditions to buy the drug, but they differed in their restrictions and regulations. For example, the proposal struck down Thursday would have allowed patients to grow their own marijuana if they didnt live near a dispensary. Arkansans United for Medical Marijuana last week began airing TV ads statewide in favor of its proposal, Issue 6. The head of that group said he believed the ruling would help his proposal. It eliminates some of the confusion on which one to vote for, David Couch said. If you want to help sick and dying patients in Arkansas, then you have to vote for (Issue 6). Arkansas voters narrowly rejected a medical marijuana proposal four years ago despite national groups spending big in favor of legalization. National support for medical marijuana has grown since then, and half of U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized the drug in some fashion. But the กระเป๋าเป้ facebook medical marijuana push faces more obstacles this year in Arkansas. Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who headed the U.S.

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U.Beds. Hemp Farmers Resort To Large Storage space Hand bags To Avoid Cheap Sales

From denims and a tank best to a little black dress, a neutral ladies handbag can enhance therefore many different styles, pieces and personas. For protection reasons, you should always make use of 2FA and the internet browser expansion or Android App.Amazon Fashion has กระเป๋าแฟชั่น facebook bags, shoulder bags and wallets costed within reach of virtually any budget. A professional estate sale firm contract will include considerably even more than just what they charge.It is normally estimated that the globe uses a trillion single-use plastic hand bags a season, which are projected to stay in the environment for generations. It was also a short” tour time, meaning we acquired to be back on vessel by 3:30pm so that we could reach Barcelona this morning hours designed that we select an easy walking tour around the wonderful city of Aix-en-Provence to saturate up a bit of the flavor of this region of Provence.